In certain situations we may recommend a crown to replace the damaged and decayed tooth structure. Often traditional fillings can weaken a tooth by up to 50%. A crown or “cap” fully surrounds the tooth to prevent further damage and breakage. Unlike fillings which are built and shaped in your mouth, crowns are fabricated outside the mouth by our state-of-the-art technology. CEREC same day crowns allow us to fabricate your crown in the office while you wait. They do not require a temporary crown and are beautiful, strong, and esthetic. In some situations a CEREC crown is not ideal, while your crown is being made we fit your tooth by an expert ceramist, we will fit your tooth with an excellent fitting, esthetic temporary crown. We at East Bend Dental take pride in making excellent fitting temporary crowns and have few issues with them breaking or coming off.


Bridges are fabricated to replace missing teeth by permanently attaching to the adjacent, or abutment teeth. While dental implants are often the preferred treatment, bridges may sometimes be recommended or chosen by the patient.  Bridges restore the health and appearance of your mouth without surgery. We utilize all the latest and greatest technology and can often complete your crown or bridge without a traditional dental impression.  We use digital scanners that take a 3D picture of your mouth instead in most circumstances. Call us today if you have any questions.