Dental Implants

Dental ImplantsA missing tooth is more than an annoyance and can cause lasting damage to your mouth. The gap caused by a missing tooth can allow adjacent teeth to shift and move, change the way you eat and speak, and can harbor bacteria and infection.  Dental implants are excellent alternatives to bridges and dentures because they act as substitutes for tooth roots. They are impervious to cavities and look, feel, and function like a normal tooth. Implants can be used to replace anywhere from one tooth to all teeth in a dental arch with great success (95% success rate).

While it may sound like a major surgery, often implants are relatively painless with people often returning to work the next day. Many implants can be completed in our office without the need to travel all over Bend or Central Oregon. Dr. Fowles was trained by the Zimmer Institute and by using their implants is often able to complete the restoration earlier that with other implant systems. If you think you may be a implant candidate please call our office for a free consultation!